using The Radiance Technique®, Authentic Reiki®
to support the growth of joy and transformation


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I've heard of reiki. Is it the same?

The Radiance Technique® is not one of the many forms of reiki people are learning today.  Knowing only the outer form of an attunement process does not mean that the proper inner structure and connection is present.  This system is a transcendental science and its purity and attunement processes remain intact.
Is it faith or spiritual healing?

No.  The Radiance Technique® does not involve faith nor does it involve the 'channelling' of energy.  It ensures a healing that is beyond the physical energy of the practitioner.
Will it help with medical problems?

The Radiance Technique® helps through relaxation to relieve emotional and physical distress.  It can be combined with any kind of complementary or medical treatment to aid the healing process and is a support and comfort when used alongside conventional medical treatment.  It is not only a system which supports physical well-being, it is a technique for the expansion of awareness.
Is it necessary to touch?

No.  A healing can be given by holding the hands one to two inches away from the body as well as through touch.  The Radiance Technique® is neither massage nor manipulation.
What happens during a healing session?

After discussion and questions a session takes place on either a couch or chair.
A full session lasts for one hour.  Hands are placed around the areas of the
head and sometimes front and back.  It is not necessary to remove any items of clothing other than shoes.


"Learning to meditate with The Radiance Technique® felt like a door being opened for me.  Since I have been meditating I have felt more confident, more relaxed, more secure, more myself."
(Ricarda Erbse - Teacher, Germany)
"As an experienced healer I felt this course was the first one to teach me something different.  It took my meditation and healing to a much deeper level."
(Bryan Austin - Retired Engineer)
"Daily meditation, taught by Gaile, has increased my inner awareness and enhanced my intuitive abilities.  Since learning The Radiance Technique® I have had the confidence to follow my life-path more closely, felt more in tune with the universe and have had the added benefit of being able to give healing to others."
(Chrissie Smith - Psychic Intuitive)


"When I went for my first treatment I was rather sceptical, however after one hour with Gaile I felt as though I had experienced the first breath of spring".  
(Maggie - Beautician)
"The Radiance Technique® is like a long warm bath and a cold shower all at the same time, leaves you very relaxed yet energised, wonderful."
(Dara - Software Engineer)
"The Radiance Technique® relieved me of my long-standing stress related stomach problem in only six sessions."
(Linda - Administrator)
"As an ME sufferer I find the healing sessions very helpful because I experience deep relaxation together with renewed energy.  Since learning to meditate with The Radiance Technique® I am delighted to find that attacks are less frequent and I recover from them more quickly."
(Sheila - Librarian)

I am not able to relax on my own at the moment, due to several family problems. It has been a great help to me to have this healing and reach a level of relaxation and calmness that I have rarely reached in my life. (Angela – Retired Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Officer)

"I cannot achieve this degree of relaxation on my own."
(Julia - Retired Teacher)

All animals benefit from The Radiance Technique®, not
only domestic pets.
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